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My Services

6 Month “Get Healthy” Program

Learn the importance of proper nutrition and good health for a balanced, joyful life.  Explore how distress can interfere with eating and feeling well and how it is possible to develop a new healthy lifestyle when your issues are addressed.  This is not a typical diet program in which you are told what to eat and then expected to have “willpower” and “self discipline” over cravings to stay the course. Lasting lifestyle changes occur in small incremental steps which we will build on session by session. I will work with you in face to face sessions or phone sessions (if you prefer) providing personal support, insight into your roadblocks, and the motivation you need to make permanent changes in your lifestyle. The program runs for 6 months with two 45 minute sessions per month.

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Individual/Couples Psychotherapy

Open ended psychotherapy is for those individuals who wish to delve deeper into particular issues thatare causing distress. Common areas of focus are relationship problems, family issues, body and health concerns as well as emotional problems including anxiety, depression, fears/phobias and feelings of inadequacy or that one has lost a sense of purpose.  Life can be challenging.  I will help you navigate through whatever stressors you are facing and support you in developing strategies and solutions to reclaim your life.

Group Health Coaching

For those individuals looking to improve their health and need a lower cost option, group coaching includes 6 lively and interactive sessions where you will be given all the tools you need to make lasting changes in your health.

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